• Nakasendo travel diary No. 1

  • Nakasendo Walking 1st March 11th, 2017

Course name: Nakasendo Road Walking to the Kyoto. Itabashi-juku from Nihonbashi

Accompany lecturer:Tomohiko Tsunoda Part time lecturer at Komazawa University and Kyoto Art and Design University

Nihonbashi(9:00) Depart-Itabashi-juku-Toei Mita Line Itabashi Honcho Station.(17:00 ) To dissolve

It was my first walk for a while, so I am very tired today. In order to visit the historical sites, it often fell out of the main line (Nakasendo). I have to go back to that extent as I get out. It is plus about 3 km to the original planned walking. I just admired the explanation of the detailed lecturer. The lecturers were feeling that they kept talking so much that they did not have time to talk, even while walking.

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