• Nakasendo travel diary No. 3

  • Nakasendo Walking 3rd May 13th, 2017

Course name: Nakasendo Road Walking to the Kyoto. Okegawa-juku from Urawa-juku
Accompany lecturer:Tomohiko Tsunoda Part time lecturer at Komazawa University and Kyoto Art and Design University

Toei Mita Line Itabashi Honcho Station (9:00) Depart-Itabashi-juku-Warabi-juku-Urawa-juku-Keihin Tohoku line Kitaurawa station(6:30) To dissolvee

Today was walking in the rain all day. I could not take a picture. The picture I posted here was taken when I walked around the same course on August 29th alone. It was a story from a 72-year-old man who accompanied me for lunch.His mountain friend 30 people walked the fifty-three stations of the Tokaido thirty years ago. It also planned with all members. The organizer made arrangements for trains and hotels. Moreover, it was walking while being chased by work with everyone working hard. I admired that they did well.
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