• Nakasendo travel diary No. 5

  • Nakasendo Walking 5th July 8, 2017

Course name: Nakasendo Road Walking to the Kyoto. Kagohara-juku 15km from Manosyuku Fukiage.

Accompany lecturer:Tomohiko Tsunoda Part time lecturer at Komazawa University and Kyoto Art and Design University

JR suita station front(9:00) Depart-Kagohara-juku-Kumagaya-juku-JR Kagobara Station(17:00) To dissolve

The temperature of Kumagaya-city was 34 degrees. It was a very hot day. Looking for vending machines I kept buying water.Sometime is Hoei years (1673 to 1680) Gonpachi Hirai slashed a passerby in the town with a sword. When I turned around, there was a Jizo. Gonpachi Hirai told Jizo that this thing was silent. Jizo said, "I do not say, but do not say you." Gonpachi Hirai is a real person and executed at the prison in Tokaido Suzugamori.
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