• Nakasendo travel diary No. 11

  • Nakasendo Bike Travel 11th July 21th-July 28th,2018

Course name: Bicycle Nakasendo Road 69th Kyoto. Sanjyo Oohashi Bridge 150km from Mitake-juku.

Shinjuku Station(23:45)-Kani City Hall(6:30)-Mitake-juku-Fushimi-juku-Oota-juku-Unuma-juku-Kanou-juku-Goudo-juku -Mieji-juku-Akasaka-juku-Tarui-juku-Sekigahara-juku-Imasu-juku-Kashiwabara-juku-Samegai-juku-Banba-juku-Toriimoto-juku -Takamiya-juku-echigawa-juku-musa-juku-Kagamino-juku-Moriyama-juku-Kusatsu-juku-Ootsu-juku-Sanjyou Oohashi Bridge From Kyto(22:45) by bus to Shinjuku(10:00)

I had the last trip of Nakasendo for 8 days from July 21 to July 28. I was able to reach the Kyoto Sanjo Ohashi Bridge. I am walking while pushing a bicycle on the Seta's Tang Bridge (223 m) in Otsu. While blowing in the gentle breeze, the journey of Nakasendo bike finishes in a little while. Memory runs like a revolving lantern. I participated eight times in Nakasendo Walking, which I started in March last year, and changed from a ninth (November) folding bike to a one-man trip. I arrived at Kyoto Sanjo Ohashi for the 11th time. If it is a tour, the end will be next May.

It was hot in the 10th time, but this time around daily hot weather over 35 degrees Celsius, I drink water and bicycle and take pictures. It has been on for six more days. I think I will continue to be tough as I am.

Many things also happened this time as well. The night bus arrived at Kani City Hall at 6:30 pm, returned to Mitake-juku, the first starting point of this time, by the bicycle and started at the beginning, but the heat wave that pierces the body, sweating becomes hotter. Water purchased at vending machines, "drinking ice" at convenience stores, I added water at a coffee shop. if there is iced water order it.

In this situation I am in a physical condition, I only ate a sandwich at a convenience store in the morning, I do not know the appetite. No matter how hot it is, my appetite never falls. Today's schedule is over if I look at Unuma-juku at the end.

There, the signboard of a favorite eel will be visible. Moreover, it is a high-end shop. I ordered the cheapest sea bowl. The price is 2,750 yen. However, it is not tasty. Even though it said that I ate only eels with soup, I could not eat a piece of rice.

I have no reserve for physical strength, I decided to skip the last Unuma-juku today. I go straight to Route Inn Kakamigahara Hotel using car navigation. Because the hotel meal is breakfast only, when I entered the hotel room I fell asleep. I got up at 4:30 the next morning, my strength recovered completely. I left the hotel at 5 o'clock and went to Unuma-juku for the previous day. There is Kawasaki Heavy Industries on the way, and a fighter plane (T33) is placed in the premises. I entered the guard and asked if I could take a picture of the fighter plane, but it was NO. I took a picture over the fence on the way home when I saw Unuma-juku.

I return to the hotel at eight. I will have breakfast that is two hours late. I managed to eat everything. After that, when I tried to depart, the front wheels of the bicycle were punctured. When bringing in air with bringing in the air of bringing, what is revived,

On the second day, 30 minutes from the start, the front wheels are funny, the air is feeling a bit less. When I visited a bicycle shop to a person riding a bicycle, he told me that it would be about 500 meters to return. I found a shop, but the time is still closed at 9 o'clock in the morning. I think that it will open at 10 o'clock, so I will wait while drinking coffee at a nearby Gast Faremis. When trying to leave the gust, the air was only a little. I brought it to a bicycle shop and found out that I was punctured, the cause was very small sharp metal stuck in the tire. I had the puncture repaired, I started again at 10:30, already two hours delay.

Finally arrived at the hotel at 18 o'clock one hour behind schedule, this time with dinner and breakfast. Today I also got plenty of ice to drink with water. Most of the drinking water becomes sweat. In this time, we only need two places on the Nakasendo way, the other three places must leave the highway and go to the hotel. It's a tricky thing to do because it's a bicycle, but if I walk I can either use a train or use a love hotel.

On the third day, I have to go around 6 lodgings on this schedule. Because of the heat, I lose concentration, I make two mistakes in the road. Because the road was shifted by 1, it was originally straight ahead, but it stopped at the end and turned to the left. I noticed it was strange where I said about 3 kilometers. I stopped the car while I was traveling and listened to the destination and returned and told me to turn left at the first signal.

I returned to Nakasendo, but I made another mistake again. Next time there is no person to ask or no car, the car who finally stops is the best to return, but it takes time. He told me that if I go as I should, I should join Nakasendo. That person saw my Daphon folding bike and said that I also had the same bike. When I did the way he taught me, I was able to return to Nakasendo without problems.

Even so, there was a loss of 1 hour and 30 minutes convenience. The time is already 16 o'clock and the other two must go round. Think about searching for a new inn, and call the inn. Then, there are no accommodation places in the two neighboring towns. The Lord of the inn said that he took a rest once and said that even if it got late, you would come here. I stopped thinking extra things, I took a rest for 30 minutes because there was a coffee shop.

And, in Samegai-juku, it was healed by a very beautiful little river flowing right beside the highway, "Ice 's sweet alcohol drank in a yamaki soy sauce shop was very tasty. I called the ryokan at Yonehara station where I lodged and listened to the place, and then came to pick me up on the way. I arrived two hours behind schedule. I have not had dinner or breakfast today, so I went to Yonehara station and bought a Grilled eel rice bowl and ate at the ryokan.

Because there was no breakfast on the 4th day, I was able to depart earlier and I was exhausted, so it was about 30% less process, so I arrived at the hotel at 13 o'clock. I was able to wash sweaty clothes owing to the in-house washing machine and dryer, and also made a nap for a while. It may be a coincidence, but yesterday 's ryokan and the name of today' s ryokan is the same name as Oomiya. The phone is also slightly in 0749-52-0027 and 0749-42-2427. I knew that they both had the same name. But the second Oomiya shop was very delicious with two meals and a bath called Tenku Bath, like a open-air bath, was really good. I was the only one staying in either place. On the fifth day, I take a one hour walk from 5 o'clock in the early morning. This has become an annual matter. I feel that it is cool early in the morning even after a hot summer day. Moreover, it does not carry Rick and it is comfort itself. It is at 6:30 am luxurious breakfast. The taste of this ryokan is special, as it has a pub. Today's visit was only three lodges, a victory. Accommodation at Bessel Inn Shiga, off the Nakasendo Road, heading to Moriyama station. Since it is in front of the station, there is no parking space and I can deposit it in the bicycle parking lot. (It takes 2 days.) Because dinner is not attached, I buy eel don bowl in nearby supermarket, and eat in the hotel room. It is half the amount of last time, but this time it was delicious.

On the sixth day, this is the final process of this time. Leaving it is Moriyama-juku, Kusatsu-juku and Otsu-juku. When entering Kusatsu there is a branch / exchange point between Tokaido and Nakasendo. There is an Oiwakedouhyo built there. The engraved character is "Left Nakasendo Minchi after Right Tokaido Isemichi". Otsu-juku is very big. As expected, it is said to be the largest lodging place in the Tokaido fifty-three. It was 2 hours late arrival at 17 o'clock arriving at the Sanjo Ohashi bridge. The sun was dying. And it was very crowded. I could not taste the feeling that I did. Heaven may anticipate this, as I mentioned at the beginning, may have been told to think back when passing through Seta's Karahashi Bridge. I appreciate the stylish weather in heaven.

I will go to Kyoto station from now and take a return bus and return to Shinjuku. The bus on the way back was completely three-row seats in a private room, and I could quietly sleep. When arriving at Shinjuku, the hot weather was like a lie, pouring down. The heat wave has gone away somewhere.

Seta's Karahashi Bridge is a former Tokaido bridge over Seta River in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. With a total length of 223.7 m, Shiga Prefectural Route No.2 Otsu Notogawa Nagahama Line crosses this bridge. It has been regarded as one of Japan's three major bridges alongside Ujibashi and Yamazaki Bridge in Kyoto. It is also known as one of the Omi Hakkei, " Seta's twilight". The Seta river flows into the Yodo River in a river flowing out of Lake Biwa.

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