• Koushintou

Prophement is Taoism's teaching, three spirits are inhabited in the human body."Kon", "Haku"and "Sanshi". When a person dies, "Kon" rises to heaven, "Haku" dives underground. The problem is that insects called "Sanshi" do bad things. "Sanshi" is free to play around after the host dies. We can also go to festivals, so we are longing for the host to die soon. And unfortunately, "Sanshi" can get out of the host body on the day of "Koushin", which will be visited once every 60 days in the lunar calendar. Ascending into the sky, he also has the task of reporting the daily routine of the host to the Emperor, according to which report the life will be shortened. "Sanshi" comes back before humans wake up the next morning. So, if you stay up all night long from the day before becoming "Koushin" day, "Sanshi" can not get out of the body. It was Koushintou "which was built in commemoration of this congregation for 3 years and 18 times.

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