• The Itabashi-juku

The Itabashi-juku is the first lodging after leaving the Nihonbashi, one of Edo 4 lodgings (Senju, Shinagawa, Naito Shinjuku, Itabashi). Many travelers said that they left their farewells at Itabashi lodging. On the other hand, it is also a lodging place full of bustle as a pleasure site.In the year1843, the population of Itabashi town was 2,448 (man 1,053、woman 1,395),the town had 573 houses, one honjin, three waki-honjin,and 54 hatago in the town of Itabashi. Located 9.8 kilometers from Nihonbashi Bridge.

Nakasendo's first lodging place. Under the right tree, A horse driver attaches a pair of straw sandals to his horse, A palanquin driver bows to a lady customer.

Nihonbashi The origin of Nakasendo

Expressing the starting point of the Nakasendou

Notify the people of the time of the bell tower

Kanda Myosin

Shinsyouji temple

Akamon of The University of Tokyo

Edge Enoko

Itabashi bridge

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