• The Warabi-juku

The Warabi-juku was opened in 1612. Because it is close to Edo, there were many travelers who passed by, although Arakawa was flooded and travelers who can not cross the river overflowed, it gradually developed into a large lodging.In the year1843, the population of Warabi town was 2,223 (man 1,138、woman 1,815) ,the town had 430 houses, two honjin} one waki-honjin 23 hatago, a wholesale store, and an official bulletin board of the shogunate. The ferry was located approximately 100 meters downstream from the Toda Bridge.

On the ferry is mixed with peddlers and travelers, and horses are also on board. The house screened with reed-blind located on the other side is a ship's cabin, and crossing the river is Toda village.

Shimura's milestone

Yakushi's fountain

Cherry blossom trees on Shimizuzaka

Trace of a towed place of Toda

Trace of Honjin

Warabi Shrine

A tour of the historic site of the luggage area

Model painting of a lodge

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