• The Mochizuki-juku

The Mochizuki-juku is in the Nara Heian period, a feast pasture is set up in this place, and horses were presented to the courtroom on the full moon day (Mochizuki) on August 15 every year.  Alongside the road there are left Wakihonjin and Lodge built in the Edo era and enjoy the quaint townscape. The Mochizuki-juku was located approximately 3.5 km from the Yawata-juku. The town had a population of 360 (man 189、woman 171), 82 houses, one honjin,one waki-honjin, and nine hatago in the year 1843

Akamatsu Namiki of Uryou Pass and two horses are drawn with the full moon. One holds a tea box and the other one holds a barrel of oil.

Mochizuki-juke entrance

History Folk Museum

Honjin Trace

Hatago Yamashiroya

Takano family Wakihonjinn

Outomo shrine

Display of Nakasendo way entrance

This is Nakasendo

Nakasendo Tunnel

Nakasendo tunnel exit scenery

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