• The Yawata-juku

The Yawata-juku is located relatively close to Shionata-juku in the lodgings built by immigrating the surrounding Mimura.There are few aspects of the age of lodging, but the atmosphere of a challenged road remains. The Yawata-juku stood across the Chikuma River approximately 2.9 km from the Shionata-juku. The town had a population of 719 (man 372、woman 347), 143 houses, one honjin, four waki-honjin and three hatago in the year 1843.

Mountain behind the bamboo grove is Mt. Asama. An aged traveler, a farmer carrying it in a yoke, a child carries a bamboo cage containing twigs. Farmers with cigarettes to go and go

Oumayorino milestone

Stone Buddha on the roadside


Jyousenji temple

Yawata shrine

Yawata-juku Honjin Gate

Uryuuzaka milestone

Uryuuzaka Monument

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