• The Shionata-juku

The Shionata-juku was divided into three at Shmojuku, Nakajuku, Kawaharajuku. Among them, Kawaharajuku,there are good remnants of the times. In addition, although it is usually a calm Chikuma river, the bridge has often been shed and the river is stopped when water is increased.The Shionata-juku was located about 5.1 km from the Iwamurata-juku. It had a population of 574 , 116 houses, two honjin,one waki-honjin, and seven hatago in the year 1843.

This print depicts a boarding station of a ferry service that crossed the Chikuma River. Three boats can be seen docked to the left, while the drivers approach a tea-house covering themselves with blankets. A fire is set in the tea-house below a pot hanging from the ceiling. People gathered and relaxed over a cup of tea, warning themselves from the cool breeze.。

Myourakuji temple

Bells of My?urakuji tmple

Komagata Shrine Torii

Komagata Shrine

Shionata lodging post

Sato Hanzaemon house

Kousatsu trace

Wholesaler Honjin trace

Ebia Tofu store

Chikuma river

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