• The Ashida-juku

The Ashida-juku was a small-scale inn, but it was crowded with a break from a traveler who crossed over Kasatori Pass, a traveler who had crossed over.The Princess Kazunomiya, who has crossed over Kasatori Pass, is also having lunch here. The Ashida-juku was located approximately 4.8 km from the Mochizuki-juku. The town had a population of 326 (man 177、woman 149), 80 houses, one honjin, two waki-honjin, and six hatago in the year 1843.

It is mixed with travelers who cross the road, there are two palanquins. one is a high-class palanquin possibly carrying a wealthy merchant, while the one to the left is a simple palanquin possibly carrying a female customer.

Lantern street lightThe invites nostalgia.

Map drawing of Ashida-juku

Ashida-juke Honjin Gate

WakiHonjin Yamaura family


Brewer of miso and soy sauce

Kanemaru Tsuchiya's lodge

Night light

Daigo with a shrimp head

Entrance of Ashida-juke

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