• The Yabuhara-juku

The Yabarahara-juku was a lodging town which flourished as a production area of six combs. However, in 1884 the majority of the homes were burned down with a large fire. In recent years the appearance has remained partly due to the progress of renovation of the building. The yabuhara-juku was located approximately 5.3 km from the Narai-juku-juku town had a population of 1,493 (man 706、woman 787),266 houses, one honjin, one waki-honjin,and 10 hatago in the year 1843.

Two messengers take a seat. mothers and daughters of the village mothers carry a large number of twigs, their daughter puts them on their heads and crosses the pass. Kiso Ontakayama which can be seen in the distance.

Water place

Ooshu Imperial Castle office trace


Yabuhara shrine

Honjin Trace

Rykan komeya

Yukawa brewery

Shinohara store

Kousatsuba Trace

Yabuhara milestone

Yabuhara milestone

Large mural

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