• Nakasendo travel diary No. 7

  • Nakasendo Walking 7th October 14, 2017

Course name: Nakasendo Road Walking to the Kyoto. Kuragano-juku 15km from Honjyou-juku.

JR Honjo Station(9:50) Depart-Honjo-juku-Shinmachi-juku-Kuragano-juku-JR Kuragano station(17:30) To dissolve

Nakasendo Walking The seventh session was held twice, October 14th and 15th, but because October 14th coincided with the day of the closing ceremony of the English conversation class, I applied for the second October 15th It was canceled because the recruitment number was less than the prescribed value. It was the one who went around the same course alone.For one person, we had to do all of the route of Nakasendo way and the place to see by myself, it was the best we could go around. The tour consisted of the accompanying guests.
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