• Nakasendo travel diary No. 8

  • Nakasendo Walking 7th October 14, 2017

Course name: Nakasendo Road Walking to the Kyoto. Matsida-juku 15km from Kuragano-juku.

Accompany lecturer:Tomohiko Tsunoda Part time lecturer at Komazawa University and Kyoto Art and Design University

Shinjuku Station(7:20) Depart-Kuragano-juku.-Takasaki-juku-Itahana-juku-Annaka-juku-Shinjuku Station(19:00) To dissolve

It is walking for two days from this time. We used a bus. Departing from Shinjuku, it was returning to Shinjuku. Tonight's dinner, Mr. Ueoka who accompanied me from the first time ate yakiniku together. After supper, I showed the DVD of Nakasendo that I have created so far in my room of the hotel.Mr. Ueoka praised me that it was a well done DVD. After I finished watching DVD, I declared. I will not participate in this tour from next time. I will go around the rest of Nakasendo by myself using the folding bike I have. Later, as I understood, Mr. Kamioka decided to go around Nakasendo by himself like myself. What I told you at the time is that this tour is accompanied by a guide, so it will guide you all that it is a journey while listening to detailed explanation, so even if you do not check in advance, I will follow the Kyoto Sanjo Ohashi Bridge. I thought that this should not be done. For me who has done something with my own intention until now I feel something different. It may be that Mr. Ueoka thought the same way.
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