• The Ageo-juku

The Ageo-juku is about 25mile from Edo, departing Nihonbashi at 4 o'clock,, the first night stayed at Ageo-juku. The number of lodgings was numerous. However, the lodging was destroyed by the 1860 fire and the subsequent fire.The Ageo-juku was located 7.9 kilometers from the Omiya-juku. The population was 793 (man 372、woman 421). A total of 182 houses, one honjin,three waki-honjin, one wholesale house, one bulletin board, and 41 hatago stood in the area in the year 1843.

The red flag reads "Kamo Daimyojin",a deification of a Shinto God. The farmer 's daughter has just threshed in the bowl and pours rice.

Jounen Temple straight ahead

Jounen Temple

Street scenery of Okegawa-juke

Inari shrine

Inari shrine's big stone

Daiunji temple

Tamonji temple

Haramuro Milestone

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