• The Okegawa-juku

The Okegawa-juku prospersed as a sauce-producing place, and safflower was sent to Kyoto. The indigo cultivation was also popular and sent to Edo, the number of the house increased with the trade height of safflower.The Okegawa-juku was located approximately 3.7 kilometers from the Kounosu-juku. The town had a population of 1,444 (man 717、woman 727) in the year 1843, 347 houses, one honjin, two waki-honjin, and 36 hatago in the year 1843.

On a litter laid in the garden, the agricultural woman handles chopsticks in the hole of the handle of the stone mill and handles the ear of wheat. Horseman rides his horse sideways while returning to Kounosu.

Hikawakuwa shrine

Hikawakuwa Shrine Memorial

Prince Shotoku memorial

Ginkgo tree at private home

Signs indicating direction and distance of the road



Tomb of Roujyo Otama

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