• The Kumagaya-juku

The Kumagaya-juku was the eighth in Nakasendo and developed into a big town. Unfortunately most of the town burned down due to the air raid in 1945 and the appearance of the town is decreasing. As a valuable experience you can "walk through a Nakasendo in the department store". The Kumagaya-juku was location approximately 16.4 km from the Kounosu-juku. The town had a population of 3,263, 1,075 houses, two honjin, one waki-honjin, and 19 hatago in the year 1843.

A traveler who drinks tea at the tea house on the left, A merchant from a luxurious palanquin is listening the origins of Gonpachi Jizo.

Kumagaya embankment

Kuge shrine

Kuge Gonpachi jizo

Main body of Gonpachi jizo

Touchiku Shrine

Hatcyo milestone

Takagi shrine

Nishima milestone

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