• The Fukaya-juku

The Fukaya-juku flourished as a castle town of Fukaya Castle, but when it entered the Edo Period it became abandoned, the city stood on the day when 5 and 10 appeared, developed as a merchant town ahead of the ship's Nakase riverbank , Even the second day accommodation area of the traveler who left Edo was extensively scattered. Size of juku The Fukaya-juku was located approximately 10.8 kilometers from the Kumagaya-juku. The town had a population of 1,928, 524 houses, one honjin four waki-honjin,and 80 hatago in the year 1843.

This lodging is a branch point to Chichibu, there is an official river bank in the Tonegawa line. A crowded place with peoples were filled with brothels and many "meshimori-onna," or low-class prostitutes who worked as regular attendants at inns.

Touhou milestone

Kokusaiji Gate

Kokusaiji temple

Memories pine tree

Inaricho Night Light

Tomb of Uesugi Kenei

Kikutobo Sei’s Mound

Fukaya station building

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