• The Kuragano-juku

The Kurano-juku was crowded as an immediate vicinity with the “Nikko reiheishi Kaido” and a lodging town as well as a distribution point for the river banks of Torikawa when the Nakasendo road was improved. The Kuragano-juku was located 5.9 km from the Shinmachi-juku. Travelers had to cross two rivers (the Nukui and Yanase Rivers) by ferry in order to reach the Kuragano-juku. The town had a population of 2,032, 297 houses, one honjin,two waki-honjin, and 32 hatago in the year 1843. .

A woman traveling from a teahouse looks at children's play. The boys are catching fish and turtles. The wife of the tea house polishes it by scrubbing the bottom of the kettle.

Sukasho Wakihonjin Trace

Kousatsuba trace

Kuragano shrine


Pond where birds ate food

Anrakuji temple

Anrakuji temple’s tomb

Koushintou in Anrakuji temple

Kuragano milestone

Asama mountain tomb

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