• The Takasaki-juku

Takasaki-juku developed as a castle town of Takasaki castle which Naomasa Ii built and it was the biggest bustle in Jyosyuu Road. Honjin and Wakihonjin were not left because they did not stay in the castle. The Takasaki-juku was located about 6 km from the Kuragano-juku. It had a population of 32,235 and a total of 837 houses in the year 1843.

In the distance is Haruna mountain, the front is Karasu River, The Takasaki castle stood beyond the hill to the right, overlooking the town of Tomioka to the left. A beggar can be seen approaching a couple of travelers for money

Suwa shrine

View toward Bukou mounten

View toward Takasaki station

View toward Takasaki Arena

View toward Takasaki Kanon

Takasaki castle Honmaru

Takasaki Castle explanatory board

Takasaki Castle site

Chyosyoji temple

Kimigayo Bridge

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