• The Usui Pass

In Karuizawa Inn from Sakamoto-juku there is a difficult place of Usui Pass in Nakasendo. On this pass there are a lot of horse headlights praying for the safety of the trip, south-facing Masako Tansevon and Kita-masakado Tanseiyon are representative. When you descend the steep slope of Zero Rolling Stone, there is Kumano Shrine. Please visit us because there are many monuments here. If you cross the Usui Pass, you will enter Karuizawa-juku.

Trailhead Bus stop

Gurd house

Columnar joint

Peep in

Haneish Teehouse trace

Excavation trace

Southern House kanzeon

Haneishi mile stone

Monument of Yamatotakeru

Kumano shrine

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