• The Kutsukake-juku

The Kutsukake-juku catastrophically damaged by the 1773 big fire and moved to the present location. There was crowded with hot spring guests. In 1951 the large fire broke down the houses to ruin. The Kutsukake-juku was located approximately 4.5 km from the Karuizawa-juku. The town had a population of 502 (man 244、woman 258), 166 houses, one honjin,three waki-honjin,and 17 hatago in the year 1843.

Mount Asama can be seen towering upon the viewer. Two samurai wearing straw hats can be seen between laborers carrying goods on their shoulders. Two samurai who are double-headed are carrying two long-lasting loads on their legs. A horse carrying tea leafs follows them.

Nakasendo Road Station Monument

A magnificent view of Mt. Asama.

Nagakura Shrine Torii

Nagakura Shrine

Nagakura Shrine premises

2 bodies Jizou

Cosmo Highway

Chubu Hokuriku Nature Trail Walk Signpost

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