• The Oiwake-juku

The Oiwake-juku is a major point of transportation by pursuit with the Hokoku Route leading to Echigohi. In the Kyoho year, it was a very crowded lodging place that counted 70 hatagos and 18 teahousers. Karuizawa-juku, Kutsukake-juku and Oiwake-juku are a lodging place where the remnant of that time remains relatively good. The Oiwake-juku was located about 4.3 km from the Kutsukake-juku. At a 1,000-meter altitude, the town stood at the highest point along the Nakasendo Road. The town had a population of 712 (man 263、woman 449), 103 houses, one honjin two waki-honjin,and 35 hatago in the year 1843.

View of Mt. Asama from the surface of one side of the ruins. The banner carried by the monk reads "hondou zouritsu". The three of the former pilgrimage are the baby boy and the son 's parents.

Oiwake milestone

Night light

Basho statue

Honjin Trace


Scenery of Oiwake road

Sendouji tmple

Statue of Sherlock Holmes

The branch point of Holtukoku and Nakasendo

Drop away signpostt

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