• The Fushimi-juku

The Fushimi-juku was newly established in 1694, changing to the Dota-juku where the location of the transfer point moved to the upper stream due to the change in the flow of the Kiso River. Honjin that was destroyed in the 1848 fire was not rebuilt. The Fushimi-juku was located about 3.9 km from the Mitake-juku. The town had a population of 485 (man 230、woman 255), 82 houses, one honjin, one waki-hon]m, and 29 hatago in the year 1843.

The pilgrim couple at the shade of the famous "Fushimi Osugi" eat lunch boxes, On the road, the escort of the daimyo procession who had fallen behind fixes his straw sandal laces. The three women holding a shamisen are blind female entertainers.

Hii Milestone

Honjin Trace


Higashiterayama tomb

Kamiedo shrine

Eto milestone

Transfer place Trace


Itsuponmatsu park

Shimzu shrine

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