• The Kashiwabara-juku

The Kashiwabara-juku is the first lodgage after entering Omiji. When entering the Edo era, it became famous as the origin of moxa (Mogusa), and it was a lodging place that showed bustling. It is not as good as Narai-juku and Tumago-juku, but the townscape dotted with old folk houses often retains the aspects of the Edo period. The Kashiwabara-juku was located about 3.9 km from the Imasu-juku. The town had a population of 1,468 (man 740、woman 728), 344 houses, one honjin,one waki-honjin,and 22 hatago in the year 1843.

Kashiwabara was well-known as the producing center of moxa used in moxa cautery. May it be moxa that the deliveryman is carrying?

Kashiwabara-juku monument

Hachiman shrine


Wholesale store

Kousatsuba Trace

Bridge of memories of young days

Hie shrine

Kashiwabara Milestone

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